Seed Treatment

In Moose Jaw, SK

McDougall Acres partners with C4 Seed Treating and offers top quality service with innovative USC LPV-2000.


The Benefits of Seed Treatment


Treating seed provides stronger and more vigorous plants. Seed treatment increases germination rate, seed survival and crop health.


Treating your seed provides high return on investment. The precise application rate guarantees that you do not over apply the product.


The direct on-seed application minimizes the effect on the environment.

Treat Your Common or Certified Seed

Seed treatment application is done in partnership with C4 Seed Treating, the accredited seed treatment operator. They use the innovative treater USC LPV-2000 and provide high speed, precise application and complete coverage.

The seed treating services can be booked conveniently through McDougall Acres.

Available Seed Treatment Options

Cruiser® Vibrance® Quattro

Cruiser® Vibrance® Quattro from Syngenta combines four effective fungicides and one insecticide to deliver a top-line insect and disease control. Vigor Trigger® and Rooting Power™ ingredients help to increse plants vigour and root health.


Vibrance® Quattro

Vibrance® Quattro from Syngenta provides comprehensive protection from a wide variety of diseases, including control of both Rhizoctonia and Fusarium. Vibrance® Quattro, composed of four fungicides, is your complete fungicide solution.


Raxil® Pro

Raxil® Pro from Bayer CropScience contains three different active fungicides that work to eliminate both seed and soil-borne disease to provide early season seed protection. 


Raxil® Pro Shield

Raxil® Pro Shield from Bayer CropScience takes the three active fungicides found in Raxil® Pro and adds Stress Shield®. The addition adds an effective insecticide for wireworm protection. Stress Shield® also provides a reserve energy supply for the seed to help diminish the negative effect of stress factors.


Insure® Cereal

Insure® Cereal from BASF protects against a wide range of soil and seed-borne diseases. It also contains AgCelence®, which leads to healthy plants and increased yield potential.


Vibrance® Maxx

Vibrance® Maxx from Syngenta provides the benefits of both contact and systemic fungicides. The seed treatment provides broad-spectrum protection against many early-season seed and soil-borne diseases. Have your crops focus on growing healthy and strong. Let  Vibrance® Maxx handle disease control.


Vibrance® Maxx + Cruiser®

Along with  Vibrance® Maxx, Cruiser 5FS® seed treatment provides protection against early-season insects. Cruiser® also gives plants more vigor and uniformity, leading to an increase in yields. It is proven to decrease the amount of stress put on seedlings and protects every seed to ensure proper establishment.


Vibrance® Maxx + INTEGO Solo

Root rot is a dangerous disease that targets pulses and can be difficult to control. INTEGO™ Solo provides a user-friendly way to protect your crops from the disease. Along with Vibrance® Maxx, the seed treatment also targets a wide range of other diseases to ensure you get the most out of your fields. 


Trilex® EverGol®

If you're looking for a way to optimize coverage and effectiveness using a fully customizable seed treatment than Trilex® EverGol® is for you. Trilex® EverGol® contains three different active fungicides that work together to provide a wide spectrum of protection and is proven to increase plant health and stand.


Trilex® EverGol® Shield

Trilex® EverGol® Shield is an all-in-one fungicide and insecticide that is ideal for complete protection against insects and disease. It protects against a large variety of seed and soil-borne diseases while also combating insects, such as pea leaf weevil and wireworm. Put Trilex® EverGol® Shield to work on your seeds.


Insure® Pulse

Insure® Pulse is the first treatment to contain Xemium® for "unique translocation and mobility characteristics".  Together with AgCelence® benefits, the treatment is able to provide more consistent and continuous protection to maximize your yields. Get Insure® Pulse to strengthen your seedlings vigor both above and below ground and start your season right.


CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans

Not all seed treatments are alike. That is why it is so important to know what goes into your seed treatment. CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans provides protection from a wide variety of damaging early-season pests and diseases. Pursue greater yields and health for your soybeans with CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans.


EverGol® Energy

EverGol® Energy provides the benefits of a systemic fungicide as well as a contact seed treatment. The seed treatment is tailored to focus on the most important seed and soil-borne diseases to protect your crops when they are at their most vulnerable. Get quicker emergence, higher yields, and healthier plants with EverGol® Energy.


Optimize® ST

Optimize® ST is a pre-treatment for soybeans that generates higher yields and better returns. Enhanced nutrient availability allows plants to get a better headstart and grow stronger and healthier as they mature. Combined with other effective fungicides and insecticides, Optimize® ST can give your plants the boost they need.


Apron® Advance

Apron® Advance contains 3 powerful fungicides that work to control diseases to give you a healthier crop. It stops the spread of seed to seedling infection of Ascochyta and allows for a healthier crop establishment. Treat your chickpeas right with Apron® Advance and get the results you are looking for.