Highly Accurate Colour Sorting

In Moose Jaw, SK

McDougall Acres offers an optical colour sorter services that will help you to upgrade your grain and seed. Colour sorting will remove impurities, off-type seed and reduce seed with disease.


Optical Sorting: How does it Work?

A product moves through a vibrating plate to a sloping chute.

An optical scanner checks the seed for any colors outside of the acceptable range. 

A high-speed burst of air pushes impurities out, clean seed is directed into the clean bin.

Colour Sorting: Why Should You Use It?

Colour sorting should be used when a traditional seed cleaning can't remove the impurities. These impurities can effect the grade and seed performance. We use Sortex colour sorter that can help to remove foreign material, reduce toxins and  off-colour seeds. We can colour sort pulses, cereals and oliseeds.