Colour Sorting

McDougall Acres offers an optical colour sorter service that will help you to upgrade your grain. Colour sorting will remove impurities, off-type seed and reduce seed with disease.


Commodity Sizing

McDougall Acres offers options in regards to sizing different commodities to take advantage of market access and or seeding rates.


Seed Treatment

Seed treatment application is done by C4 Seed Treating facility. They use the innovative treater USC LPV-2000 that provides high speed, precise application and complete coverage. Treating seed before planting reduces your environmental impact providing stronger and more vigorous plants. 

CDC Precision

Colour Sorting


Colour Sorting uses optical scanners to increase the accuracy of Seed Cleaning so it can remove defects nearly imperceptible to the naked eye.


Our plant operators do regular picks to make sure that sorting removes the maximum amount of impurities. 

Exceptional Seed Treatment

In the Moose Jaw, SK Area

McDougall Acres Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment helps to protect seed at the most susceptible phase of the crop establishment. Our partners at C4 Seed Treating will ensure that the process is done fast and effective.



The direct on-seed application minimizes the effect on the environment.


Seed treating provides high return on investment. The precise application rate guarantees that you do not over apply the product.


Seed treatment helps to grow stronger and more vigorous plants. It increases the germination rate, seed survival and crop health.