CDC Vantta Durum

CDC Vantta Durum

CDC Vantta is a new high-yielding durum variety from SeCan that shows impressive sawfly tolerance with a hollow stem!

Characteristics are quoted from the 2023 SaskSeed Guide:

  • Yield is 6% higher than Strongfield
  • Good lodging and sprouting resistance
  • Good leaf disease resistance
  • MS (Moderately Susceptible) rating to FHB.
  • Relative maturity is 103 days from Strongfield

Seed treatment options are available.

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CDC Vantta Durum Wheat

CDC Vantta is a new semi-dwarf durum wheat variety known for its shorter stature, hollow stems, and dark black awns. It has high yield potential, coupled with good straw strength. CDC Vantta proves adaptable to a wide range of durum-growing regions across western Canada.

Key Attributes:

  • CDC Vantta has a 6% yield increase compared to AC Strongfield in Coop registration trials.
  • It’s a semi-dwarf plant, 8 cm shorter than AC Strongfield.
  • The variety exhibits exceptional lodging tolerance, akin to the performance of Brigade.
  • With a gluten strength index of 97%, CDC Vantta promises high-quality end products.
  • A substantial falling number 510 distinguishes it from AC Strongfield (388) and AC Navigator (462).
  • It garners a rating of resistance against leaf rust, stripe rust, and bunt.
  • The variety features intermediate resistance to stem rust.
  • The Fusarium head blight (FHB) rating is MS (Moderately Susceptible).

Breeder: Dr. Curtis J. Pozniak from the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

Plant Breeders Rights: Application for PBR 91 is in progress.

Summary: CDC Vantta was adapted to the durum production regions within the Canadian prairies. It distinguishes itself through a blend of impressive grain yield potential, robust straw strength, and high gluten strength. The variety showcases resistance to leaf rust, stripe rust, and common bunt while presenting a higher yellow pigment concentration in grains, resulting in superior pasta color, a quality desirable across different applications. Moreover, the variety maintains low cadmium levels, meeting the standards of the Canada Western Amber Durum class.

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