AAC Viewfield Hard Red Spring Wheat

AAC Viewfield Hard Red Spring Wheat

AAC Viewfield is the new CWRS wheat variety from FP Genetics.

Characteristics are quoted from the 2021 SaskSeed Guide:

  • 11% better yielding compared to Carberry
  • Shortest CWRS (semi-dwarf) and stands completely upright
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Very good leaf disease resistance
  • Intermediate resistance to FHB

Seed treatment options are available.


AAC Viewfield Hard Red Spring Wheat

AAC Viewfield is a high-performing, semi-dwarf variety that offers impressive yields, excellent sprout tolerance, and outstanding disease package.

Parentage: Derived from the cross ‘Stettler’ / ‘Glenn’ conducted at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Breeder: Richard Cuthbert, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Intended Purpose: This variety was specifically developed to offer a superior hard red spring wheat variety that excels in yield performance, displays robust standability, and features intermediate resistance to Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) even under challenging growing conditions.

The following characteristics are quoted from 2023 SaskSeed Guide (comparison to the check variety AAC Brandon):

  • Years Tested: 5
  • Yield (%): 105% (Area 1 & 2), 101% (Area 3 & 4)
  • Protein (%): -0.3% (AAC Brandon has 14.3% protein content)
  • Lodging: G (Good Resistance)
  • Sprouting: G (Good Resistance)
  • Stem Rust: R (Resistant)
  • Leaf Rust: R (Resistant)
  • Stripe Rust: MR (Moderately Resistant)
  • Bunt: MR (Moderately Resistant)
  • Leaf Spot: I (Intermediate Resistance)
  • FHB (Fusarium Head Blight): I (Intermediate Resistance)
  • Head Awnedness: Y (Yes)
  • Stem Solidness: H (Hollow)
  • Relative Maturity (days): 101
  • Seed Weight (mg): -2.1 mg
  • Volume Weight (kg/hL): +0.7 kg/hL
  • Height (cm): Approximately -3 cm

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