About Us

McDougall Acres is a fourth-generation farm that has been in the family for over a century. We offer over 30 of the newest and best-performing varieties of Certified seed. McDougall Acres runs two cleaning plants and a colour sorter. We are also an ingredient supplier for the pet food industry and we buy lentils, peas, chickpeas, and dry beans throughout the year.

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The History of McDougall Acres


Our farm was founded in 1916. 


McDougall Acres was incorporated and expanded into pulses.


We were licensed as a seed grower.


Seed Cleaning equipment and Colour Sorting equipment were added to the facility.


We upgraded our Seed Cleaning equipment to make it more efficient.


McDougall Acres built a second seed cleaning plant.

Seed Grower

McDougall Acres has one of the largest portfolios of Certified seed in Saskatchewan. We offer over 30 varieties of wheat, durum, barley, oats, peas, lentils, chickpeas and flax. We choose our varieties based on our own growing experience and we are confident in their high performance. 

Colour Sorting

McDougall Acres offers an optical colour sorter service that will help you to upgrade your grain and seed. Colour sorting will remove impurities, off-type seed and reduce seed with disease.

Commodity Sizing

McDougall Acres offers options in regards to sizing different commodities to take advantage of market access and or seeding rates.


Seed Treatment

Seed treatment application is done by   C4 Seed Treating facility. They use the innovative treater USC LPV-2000 and provide high speed, precise application and complete coverage. 

Well Equipped

We regularly upgrade our equipment and facility to increase production efficiency and performance and better serve our customers and our community. 

High Standards

McDougall Acres staff is professionally trained in seed production, processing, safety and service. Our products are regularly sampled and tested to guarantee that they meet the highest industry standards. 

Sharing Experience

We are always happy to share our farming experience. We regularly organize Trade Show Tours, Field Tours, Meetings and Seminars where we invite our customers and industry experts to share their practices and opinions.